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Emufan: If you keep taking an exerpt from a long eMail thread, it will continue to look like I am the bad guy. However, it also shows that you didn't bother to understand the whole incident.

The majority of people did look at that incident, and they also looked at the *complete* trail of events that I have posted and that Lukas (the person who was supposedly attacked) has confirmed. In short: Any and all "attacking" was cleared well before publishing that single exerpt from an email. My main point (staying within German and European laws) will be taken care of, which is good.

If you continue b*tching about staying within the law, you should not buy 99% of the products out there, as they are all compliant with the law and EU directives.

Now demonstrate that you have the guts to admit a mistake: Read and understand the whole trail of events, think, then post. However, not in this thread, as it's off-topic.

My intention of publishing this early was because I wanted to know how many 2630 units are out there with the memory expansion connector assembled on the wrong side. I don't really find many answers to that question here.

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