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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
while i made such threads like my Lightwave postings, i drive people away from the amiga platform ...
and I am a lamer by doing so ... great!
maybe i should have waste my time elsewhere, to prevent to meet people like you.
respect for this conclusion - I am really sorry for you!
Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
No, I'm really sorry for you because you think you are so important....far more than the Amiga community itself. You don't compare to community-minded Amigans like Bert Jahn, Jeff Fabre, Galahad, Codetapper, Psygore, Toni Wilen et al. Sad.
Originally Posted by emufan View Post
you forgot to mention the individual schoenfeld and the kryoflux heroes - that is the community, sure - get a clue.
You're right, I did forget to mention someone important by name.....RCK for hosting EAB, HOL, AMR etc. for all of us in the Amiga community!

No, it is you that needs to get a I will use Toni's wise words to politely remind you once again to observe EAB guidelines to remain on-topic and behave like a decent human being when you post in other people's threads.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think you get it. It is not about price or anything.

It is about sounding exact same as marketers of those other PPC products, "You must buy and use our hardware, if you want to consider yourself an Amiga user!". I'll say "No!". "We" don't need, care or want it, just leave us alone, don't hijack others threads! Thank you.

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