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Originally Posted by apex
We fuck up the community by ourselves
Here's another quote from that P96 thread. emufan, you are exactly the type of Amiga user that makes that statement true.

I've lived through all the bullshit Amiga vs ST, WarpOS vs PowerUP, AmigaOS4 vs MorphOS etc. etc. flamewars from the very early days of the Ami. Eventually Amiga users have to grow up and realise that despite what the likes of Jens, Vampire devs, Hyperion, A-EON etc. say and do.....the Amiga is a commercially dead platform and nothing will ever change that. All that is left is this......Amiga can either be a fun hobby or not.

We have that choice - not you, not Jens, not Vampire devs or anyone else - but trolls and lamers like you are trying to dictate what side we should choose, like somehow we are still immature teenagers in high school and *must* choose a side or else! Amiga users like you in the community are spoiling the hobby for the rest of us and are driving people away, and have selfishly been doing so for many years now. Any new hardware innovations, regardless of sales, will count for nothing if the people who can code for it are driven away!

Life is far too short - as the senseless terrorist attack in France has shown us all once again - and it's enough already!

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