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For what I've seen HP laptops are designed to get hot. Acer laptops don't. I don't have more laptops to talk about.

(I've got to say that I've received for free an old ACER one).

Also it would be very easy to get access to the fan or to the processor in my Acer laptop, but it is very, very hard to make the same in my HP ones (I've got two).

And offtopic: There is a problem with MorpheuZ in the last update, but as nobody complains, I have no hurry to fix it (I've got it fixed). Anyway it isn't so important by now.

I'm also now a bit out of the scene, sorry to say. That's what happens without enough input, positive feedback .


Edit (August, 15): I'm actually making a Full Install for AKReal 8.7. I'm trying to use original AmiKit icons, as a large amount of them were changed to the 3.5 format with the updates and so (to use and snapshot the original icons you only can use AfAOS that wasn't implemented at the beginning). The original format is very nice (you better use RTG), but if you want to have lighter and faster icons you can always use "Icons to 3.5 format" in Tools.

The 8.7 update will add by now some improvements and a fix in MorpheuZ, a new wallpaper, a new streaming radio and a new and easy option to use ScummVM AGA in a real Amiga when booting just pressing the right button of the mice.

I will see what else

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