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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
Translated: (use the angry voice in your head)
You might want to submit yourself for drug testing. Either that or volunteer yourself as a crash test dummy on Top Gear.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
You could just let the hardware comparison speak for itself.

Schoenfeld 2630 accelerator memory upgrade
112MB memory for 2630 accelerator


Vampire 500/1000/2000
68060 level of performance FPGA accelerator
128MB of memory
RTG with HDMI output
IDE and SD card disk support

The prices should be similar (around 150 EUR).
Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Oh, you mean the Vampire will connect to existing A2630 cards to act as a memory expansion? That's really handy!
Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Sarcasm? I mean you sell your 2630 for 10 Euros and replace it with a much better Vampire.
More than a few of us here know all too well that anything that isn't available to buy right here and now for Amiga or any other platform (retro or otherwise) is simply vapourware until it's released. Period.

When (and if) the Vampire 500 is released, I wouldn't expect that people with A500/1000/2000 systems will be having fire sales on all their legacy accelerators, graphics cards etc. As sure as the sky is blue, there will always be a fairly healthy market for legacy gear on any popular retro-computing platform.

Originally Posted by matthey
I wouldn't be surprised if FPGA sales are sucking customers from certain over priced PPC products as well.
Why?!? Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I looked the Vampire doesn't run PPC software, doesn't support AmigaOS4/WarpOS/Warp3D/PowerUP etc., doesn't support more than 128MB ram(?), doesn't support gfx card modes above 15-bit(?) etc. etc. etc.

Besides, people who are seriously invested/interested in the PPC hardware available often want to do more than casual gaming and productivity. As a result, the Vampire will either be completely *off* the radar, or on the radar only because they've got the disposable income to buy all the PPC hardware that their heart desires plus a cheap Vampire to boot for the "lesser" Ami hardware that they may own! Alternatively, people can just run WinUAE for free and use PPC emulation.....such is the class of Toni's work on this great emulator!!!

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
This might be hard for you to grasp, but not everyone is interested in the Vampire.
Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think you get it. It is not about price or anything.

It is about sounding exact same as marketers of those other PPC products, "You must buy and use our hardware, if you want to consider yourself an Amiga user!". I'll say "No!". "We" don't need, care or want it, just leave us alone, don't hijack others threads! Thank you.
Couldn't have put it better myself gents. Please take note Vampire/NG/emulator/WHY trolls - STOP hijacking other people's threads and STOP force-feeding your warped, delusional views of what every "real" Amiga user should or shouldn't be using/buying here on EAB!

Live and let live, or feel free to use the door to go troll elsewhere (like or MooBunny!). Are we finally getting through to you trolls??!!

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