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and also slow. MESS is helluva slow.
MY main problem on the P133 was only MAME newer versions, because MAME is a hog. I even got the Pentium optimized versions, but that didn't make much difference. Believe me, you will want to stick to an old one. For MAX speed I always kept a copy of MAME 0.28, that one runs like the fucking Flash But the romsets are different for newer ones,sincethey did that merged romsets shite :/

There ARE Windows emus that will run fine in that computer. NeoRageX runs swell, JNES was cool and SMYGB was my fave GB emu. For X68000 emulation, EX68 was quite decent on my Penty.

Just be sure to load the bugger with loadsa memory for big roms, then you can play the huge NeoGeo CPS2 shite without problems. The hacked FinalBurn was swell for CPS2 stuff.
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