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Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
I own a DKB2632 (...) which barely lets the board work at 25 MHz... and overclocking will fail without first fixing these design bugs.
I've thought about overclocking, especially because my PLL will generate a clean clock up to 80MHz (so 40MHz CPU clock in theory), but I'm afraid of capacitive load and rise/fall times being too slow to work reliably. I am therefore developing this with a standard 25MHz clock (50MHz memory clock) and will only guarantee proper function that speed. Anything faster than that is "free bonus"; if it works for a specific setup: Good for you. If it doesn't: Please reduce the clock rate.

I guess one of the most interesting features is that you can still make use of the 2630 if the on-board memory (2M or 4M) is defective. Just close jumper J303, attach BigRAM2630, and use the system at higher speed than the 2630 delivered in it's stock state.

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