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Originally Posted by chaos View Post
That sounds interesting. Maybe I could 'borrow' this hardware for minimig

It would be nice if this was a Zorro device, even nicer if it wouldn't use chipRAM.
It is Z2/Z3 autoconfig board (of course it is, thats the Amiga way!). Any RAM is supported. But I designed it to be as simple as possible to program from Amiga side which means emulator side logic can be quite complex.

Register design and emulation is already mostly done but I haven't done any testing whatsoever.. Thats the point where interesting becomes boring..

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Could be good to have some Toccata asm.
Problem is that when I do emulation that only needs to be compatible enough (not timing sensitive etc), I take working driver as an example, then add emulation features until it works (+some extra if it is obvious from chips data sheet).

Reverse operation of writing "driver" is very difficult and complex and extremely boring, at least if you also want it to work with real Toccata. Lots of DAC chip initialization is needed. And because it is PIO (like all non-PCI Amiga sound cards), you need to write samples to card's buffer with CPU in interrupt routine which makes it annoying to use from programmer point of view.
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