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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Oh, you mean the Vampire will connect to existing A2630 cards to act as a memory expansion? That's really handy!
Sarcasm? I mean you sell your 2630 for 10 Euros and replace it with a much better Vampire.

Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Different HWs for different machines or retro goals. Every HW development are welcome
Right. Some folks want slow and reliable Motorola/Freescale inside. Competition and value will determine the winners and losers. A competitor may just suck your sales away because it offers better value is all. I wouldn't be surprised if FPGA sales are sucking customers from certain over priced PPC products as well. Some Amiga manufacturers keep trying to sale into the headwinds and their sales are getting sucked away.

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Will the end user have to pay 50euros to unlock each megabyte of RAM?
It must be pick on Jens day. I'm starting to feel sorry for him now.
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