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Originally Posted by Nut View Post
Toni or anyone, could you please write small example code of how to use Toccata in assembly. I want to support this to get perfect audio out of WinUAE.
Could be good to have some Toccata asm.

However it doesn't really solve the problem. Toccata support must be enabled, and it probably isn't in most configs.

Originally Posted by Nut View Post
I'm doing software mixing 32bit and getting it out 14bit now using interrupts or copper but this has many problems on the emulator. All kinds of noises appear do to multiple reasons.
I've had no trouble using 14bit with the emulator, as long as it's not calibrated (the d/a output isn't necessarily linear, but the channel mixing is).

My advice is : don't attempt to use the copper for audio. It's useless, as it has no way to get in sync with paula.
If you want to bypass the 28khz limit with interrupts, then you're similarly out of luck. I tried, and channels were always out of sync.

I'm now wondering how complicated it would be to use native code and call the waveout (or whatever api) directly...
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