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Please don´t me wrong on this. I am a journalist, that´s my profession. Coding games is "just" my hobby. Therefore I know how the clock ticks and I find it perfectly okay to write a feature about my game RESHOOT with or without asking me, using the material I put online anyway.

Also to be fair Andreas did in fact inform me that there are plans to write about RESHOOT. But the author – not Andreas – just contacted me once. After replying and offering my participation in the making of a RESHOOT feature, I never got any more replys. Now I see a finished feature and its full of wrong claims.

It´s just a pity that the author doesn´t get his facts right. I mean that "Twinky goes hiking" (my first commercial games release) is a C64-production – not Amiga – only takes a couple of minutes to google. And I find it strange to speculate about the tools and programming language used for RESHOOT, and making assumptions, without ever talking to me.
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