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Great to know that there is a feature about RESHOOT in Amiga Future. I have not seen the complete feature yet, just got a picture with a cut out. This, unfortunately, shows some wrong claims. Would have been nice though if the author got in contact with me before writing and publishing said feature. I could have helped so sort out said claims.

- There is no Amiga-version of Twinky goes Hiking. It´s C64 only.
- Persian Gulf Inferno: I did the C64-game, based on the Amiga-original.
- Anno Domini is iOS, not Amiga.
- RESHOOT is developed using some modern tools, true. But also mainly using ASM One and pure Assembler-language on the Amiga. So there is no reason to think about Amiga-spirit getting lost or anything like that. I love Amiga, I love shoot´em-ups!

If the author would have asked, I´d be happy to help with answers. Still looking to see the complete feature. Andreas, think you could send two copies of the magazine?

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