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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
Translated: (use the angry voice in your head)

I Jens schoenfeld, savour of the Amiga, and ruler of all that is Amiga hereby declare that you puny little humans now are able to buy my glorious gift to the Amiga community A 112 MB memory expansion.

If you now all bow before your screen you may click on the picture provided and wonder at the marvel I created. If you refuse my team of lawyers will threat you until your hiding under your bed.

My mighty fleet of ships will deliver your order on October 2016.

It's hereby also declared that any kind of headwear is now forbidden with the exception of pink balloon animals.

All hail Jens!
You could just let the hardware comparison speak for itself.

Schoenfeld 2630 accelerator memory upgrade
112MB memory for 2630 accelerator


Vampire 500/1000/2000
68060 level of performance FPGA accelerator
128MB of memory
RTG with HDMI output
IDE and SD card disk support

The prices should be similar (around 150 EUR). Competition is good. Maybe someone will Clone-A Vampire .
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