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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Would it be possible to allow a WiFi "null modem" connection between 2 Amigas for games like Stunt Car Racer, Lotus II/III, Falcon, Skidmarks, Alien Breed 3D, etc.?
Should work, no problem...
I have a Lantronix Serial to Ethernet device with Modem emulation and that works..

I've used it to play Firepower over the internet with someone in Georgia (I'm in Oregon), which is a bit over 2000 miles...

I figure it's pretty accurate, because I lost just about as quickly as I did when I was using modems back in the day.. ;-)

Now, that was a modem game, not a null modem, but the Lantronix supports NULL as well..
I suppose the latency might cause an issue on games that expect reqlly quick response????

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