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Which Is Best? Ammotrack vs Highway Hawks

Welcome to the July edition of Which Is Best?
Last month I pitched two very good breakout clones against each other,...Tonic Tile on the ST against Giganoid on the Amiga, after tons of votes, Giganoid won the race, it was neck and neck for the first couple of weeks before Giganoid ran away with the victory.
This month I place 2 very impressive racers when it comes to showing off the fps and sense of speed, both games were only released on one machine,...Ammotrack for the ST and Highway Hawks for the Amiga,...they both contain a very static looking vehicle you control showing the poorer side to those games but it they are both very impressive for sense of speed.
So which do you like better?,...only your votes will determine the outcome :-)
Here's the vid, votes as normal will be counted on there in 4wks time
[ Show youtube player ]

All the best, Zeus.
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