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Exactly. It´s everyones own decision how long he/she want to use patreon. Patreon is more like a thing of supporting art and the artist than wanting to buy a game. You could even only spend 1$ a month. There is some description to be found on my patreon website regarding the relationsship of donation and product. But I am aware that my description might be a little confusing. Sorry for that. One of the many things I learnt while working on RESHOOT.

Of course since Patreon seems a little strange to some, then it might be good to know that we are in the final stages of producing a fully fleshed CD-ROM version of RESHOOT, with colorful packaging and some nice extras. I deeply appreciate anyone who considers buying the game this way.

As for the art style: I do understand that it RESHOOTs pixels are not everyones cup of tea, especially as they are quiet different from what was common on the Amiga back in the days. But they work very well in animation and make for some great action, believe me.

I could imagine that some people might find ways to alter the graphics. I will not hide any code or data. But I neither support nor appreciate this kind of interference into my code and gamestructure. Also if RESHOOT is going down well with the Amiga community, there very well might be a followup with a totally different artstyle.

Oh, almost forgot to mention: Release Candidate is currently in heavy testing!

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