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And how many A500/A1000 units are there versus A1200/A600? Were you around in the mid 80's to early 90's when BBSing was popular on C64 and Amiga? We plugged in a modem on the serial port and had a great time dialing into BBSs. There was nothing lame about it. I have a few other Amiga friends and they are excited at the possibility of a Modern take on the modem so I think there is more room other then just "Amiga Retro gamers" being "All that's left".

Ok perhaps not a ton of A2000 and A1200 users if they already have a network device configured, but this is still an easier experience for terminal software and no HD needed. Plug in, boot up a terminal and enjoy. Can you say that for the A1200 PCMCIA network adapters and browsers? I have one and you need not only an HD but a major accelerator and memory expansion because a stock A1200 and network solution is simply not good enough for web browsing and other TCP/IP apps. This opens up terminal and BBS use to a ton of unexpanded A500/A600/A1200 users.

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