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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
All good with the Amiga (That is if you don't have to click a mouse, maybe), but the C64 still needs a lot of typing, unless you have an EAsyflash cartridge (all I see is a tape deck)
Great discussion and also had to laugh on the satanic comment,

Actually it has been years since I played Pinball Dreams, and do recall I used the keyboard but thought it was playable also with a joystick.

Akira, your points in regards to the C64 keyboard is valid, and it also gave me an idea, which I may do something about later on

In fact I cannot wait to showcase and most likely with a video the first game on this setup, which really will show just how great the gaming experience really is when great commodore hardware gets tuned to a higher cause in sound, hardware, picture and gameplay
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