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Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
1. There are not that many terminal packages on the C64 that work with the cartridge port serial adapters. I think like 2 or so. Just about any terminal works with User Port versions. Personally I would rather have choice of terminals vs speed. At 2400 baud it is fine for BBSs on the C64, IMHO. In addition it does support the UP9600 hack.
The good terminal emulators worth using support ACIA cartridges, that's good enough. :-)

2. I seem to recall, but I could be wrong, that the same is true of the Amiga. Most of the terminals that I used worked with the serial device modems.
That is true, it won't actually be a modem if it's a plipbox, it is a network interface instead.

A basic Amiga can do around 19200bps over the serial port, ok for text use, rather tedious for downloading files. Definitely better than the 2400/9600 you get with the C-64's user port.

But hey, no-one's forcing me to buy either product, power to you if they are useful to you. I want max speed.
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