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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Thanks a lot. But I really don't understand how this is working. With your link I find several options: Pledge since $5.00 per month till $100.00+ per month.

The question to me is "for how long?". I won't pay $100 for a game, and of course not that amount every month for who knows when.

Sorry I don't see it clearly.
Ye, the link is to his Patron page, but there's also news updates there, which is mostly what I was referring to - not the Patron / support thing, please see the news copy/pasted below. (Dated July 4th, so roughly a week ago)

RESHOOT and its improvements
Published Jul 4, 2016
Work on my Amiga shoot´ em-up is going full steam ahead. Got some terrific feedback on the demoversion from my patreon-supporters and the Amiga-community. Based on that I got minor and major bugs fixed. The game now runs perfect on a naked A1200 as well as one equipped with 68030 or even 68040 / 68060-cpus. CD32 and A4000, too! Did I mention the higher tempo, bigger playarea, accelerated music and lots of other improvements? You´ll see soon for yourself :-)


Adding this:
"How Patreon works" [ Show youtube player ]
Also, as I understand it, *you* decide for how long you want to support someone. You can cancel your monthly contribution if you want.

(Personally, I really admire the effort, but I really dislike the graphics/style, so unless it's getting "mod-able" graphics, It's not for me..)

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