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Originally posted by FromWithin
The link I posted above tells you how to create DOS boot menus.
Yep thanks - I've read all the links and absorbed the fine advice so I'll set about getting this PC hooked up over the weekend.

Akira, since you've got a fair few EMU's to run on that P133, I should have no probs with this P233MMX. Many emu's were optimised for MMX later in their development so perhaps that's why some versions run like crap on that P133.

I've never emulated the MSX but going by that thread that was like 9 million posts long perhaps now is the time to start.

It's strange, but using DOS EMU's straight after the PC powers up somehow feels better than running EMU's from windows - closer to the real thing. Sounds stupid I know, it's probably just the novelty factor of setting up this DOS EMU system that's getting to me.

Who's tried out this MESS mtb mentioned then? Never heard of it?

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