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SILVER7 core released for Vampire 600 V2

SILVER7 core has been released, and it brings a lot of new features !

Full changelog :
* Added CHK2, CAS2, CMP2 for MacOS programs
* Added EXTW/L instruction fusing
* Added FAST-IDE for V500
* Added HDMI bootpic (credits to flype and Crom00 !)
* Added MOVEX (Little Endian Move)
* Enabled 85% of BranchTargetCache
* Enabled PEA/BSR/JSR/RTS in 2nd pipe
* Fixed BFEXTU and BFEXTS flag bugs (thanks JimDrew !)
* Fixed MOVES, NCBD, PACK and TRAPcc bugs
* Optimized SUBQ/BNE loop pattern
* Removed Fusion memory reserve (broke some games)

Download it :

Apollo team would be happy to get feedbacks from users using this new SILVER7 core. Be free to join #Apollo-Team IRC channel on Freenode to discuss it.
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