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Hi Toni,

I adjusted the Interlaced to what you said and no jittering, its rock solid but if I changed the line mode from double to double, fields+ then I got the lace effect flicker but also with a scanline mode mixed in...

Just in case, its a standard Geforce but old card and Winuae is set to Direct3D, even cleared the stored settings and used Quickstart to chose the no custom stuff running..

Unless you can think of something I'm doing wrong then leave it at that as I don't want to take up more of your time over something that works but just not the way I remember, I thought it might have been the LCD screen I have...

What is annoying is that I started out using UAE before WinUAE was launched by you after Bernd left it, so by now you would think I might know how to use it fully

Thank you..

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