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Thanks for the reply, not many people with real hardware and tablet around these days. ^^

Does pressure work in ArtEffect 4 if you enable the R. Schwingel or any other tablet option? Don't forget to enable it for the brush you are using,too.

If you can't get AE there is still the free XiPaint wich also shows lifesigns when it comes to reading the API data.

Whats that random number? Maybe the real zero state of the tip, even if shows not really 0!
Hardware wears out over the years.

That enormous large number in the API tool may be caused by the strange 638 for the pressure state. Seems multiplied by 10 compared to Tonis way.
If you devide that by 10 it's close to 64. And the -16190013/10/256 are also close to -64.
Do you have 64 levels of pressure?
And -16190013/10*2 brings us back to my +-32000 theory. We just ignore the .13 because its an integer.

The question is if that x10 is really needed, just a bug in formaldihyd or the tablet sending the data in that format?
As I wrote the 0-32000 range gave me at least the upper half of the pressure spectrum in AE. Brush size 50-100% and the same goes for color and transparency.

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