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Originally Posted by headkase View Post
I really think this can be done. Everyone is going down the path of "Hyperion should add support for using Z3 RAM as fast RAM." Bollocks. Think about the Blizzard and Cyberstorm PPC expansions. They come with different amounts of memory even within the exact-same-for-the-rest of the parts. Then AmigaOS 4 itself supports different amounts of memory. Here is where I think a fruitful approach is to increasing the amount of fast RAM for PPC emulation: edit the Blizzard or Cyberstorm ROMs and get them to use more memory at the very lowest level. I don't think the limit is in the operating system, I think the ROMs only look for a (known) maximum amount of RAM and stop there. If the ROM would configure more RAM I think that OS 4.x would just use it.
Unfortunately it won't work. OS4 looks at specific memory regions and those are specifically defined, so it just won't work. All I will say is...patience is a virtue
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