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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
If it supports pressure can you download the testing tool(AmigaOSTabletAPI) from the aminet and give us a hint what the max value for pressure is.
It's in "Wacom_150.lha" in the Develop drawer.
It seems that Wacom 1.50 doesn't support my Wacom ArtPad II, so I use FormAldiHyd instead for a driver. The testing tool does work, though, since it interrogates standard OS structures.

With FormAldiHyd pressure threshold set to 0, minimum to 0 and maximum to 100:
Pressure 0 = 0 (AmigaOSTabletAPI actually prints a string of zeros followed by a random number, but I think that number is just a leftover from the preceding pressure value)
Pressure 638 = -16190013 (this value also has trouble being drawn to screen)
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