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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Nice and thanks!

Galahad, you mention and thank Acid Software so I assume they did give the green light for this release? If so, this is really cool.
Are they still active in one form or another? I am a big fan of Super Skidmarks and I tried unsuccessfully some time ago to find out if their members were still making games out there, but there are few traces left of them that I could find.
I'll butt in here.

Simon Armstrong gave me access to the contents of one of his old Amiga hard drives, which contained the SibWing press release version. I got both Simon and Mark's permission before supplying it to Galahad to do his magic

- Mark Sibly is still making Blitz Basic derivatives, the latest is Monkey-X
- Simon Armstrong is still doing cool things, his blog is
- Chris Blackborne had a long career with Ubisoft, Lionhead, Bioware etc but has returned to the indie game scene and is working on Epic Skidmarks for HTML5:

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