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Another short question.Not only to bump the thread.

Would it make any difference if the API tool would show me -32768 to +32767 instead of 0 to 65280? So only a positive range of 0-32000 is enough.
I bet that causes the software to behave in an erratic way.

The snipet from intuition.h also talks about negative values.
And that pens don't produce them.

At least for the tilt it would make sense to have a positive and negative range on two axis.
And there are also tablets that recognize the distance of the pen.

EDIT 22,5 : This might be the solution....

Found this great tool.
This may be helpfull if you have a tablet and want to tweak it.

If I clip the real output to 0-50% for the full range of the tip with that tool the Amiga API shows only 0 to 32500 if I press my pen to the max!!! Now it works better but still seems to miss the lower 50% in AE4. Strange that the upper half (32-65k) works,too...

For example if I draw a white dot it appears middle gray (pressure enabled for color density) in AE4. But I can draw a nice range from that middle gray to black and back if i release it.
Plus it does not stop drawing anymore even if i lift the pen or klick with the mouse.
IF it realy expects negative values I guess its stuck at 0 and thinks i still press the tip 50% all the time. It would ecpect the value goes back to -32000.
The brush size now starts at 50% and does not grow bigger than 100% of what is set in the prefs. As it did with 65000 set as maximum.

Heres a little picture of how I think it has to be. Take a look how 32000 and 0 are at the same position. And remember the middle gray brush in AE and that it doesnt stop drawing once tip is at position 0. I'd also suggest a little deadzone on both ends.
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