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Originally Posted by KarlM View Post
Yeah, I had downloaded WinUAE a few years back but didn't have any s/ware to use with it. Anyway, the AF seems a nice bit of kit but I'm gathering it's just a collection of free stuff sold as a bundle.
The thing is as with any software, you have to spend time and understand what it does. It's not all about free stuff, there are pre-installed Workbench systems to get you started plus demos & a few games.

I have added loads of games with the manuals, boxart, screenshots etc.
I also have installed all the CWB, CDTV HD, Amiga Longplays & HDF installed Games.

The only bad thing about AF is that it's configurations are locked in to the GUI.

As you have found out, you can't add a real HD, no big deal really, just use WinUAE, you have the roms and workbench to get you going, a lot more than most people start out with when using WinUAE.

AF is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I just wish that the haters would at least try it before dissing it.
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