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It is unrealistic to expect outside coders to suddenly grow an interest in writing software for a now obsolete operating system.
IDrougge derided package managers but they solve a problem which is inherent in building software from modular blocks and AmigaOS definitely lacks dependency management and an enormous amount of modern features which are necessary to attract users and coders.
And the community isn't going to fix these so it is time to put to rest the idea that AmigaOS is going anywhere.

Now, this does not mean that outside coders will not be interested by the unique challenges offered by the equally unique hardware architecture of the machine. Retro coding is a thing and the Amiga has plenty to offer in this domain and it is a much easier target than consoles of the same era.

What we lack are tools which facilitate targeting this retro system. Many exist but to a large extent everyone still seems to rewrite their own toolchain and this is clearly a waste of time.
Hannibal made available his own effort and we could probably standardize around this initiative.
For this we'd need to know what are everyone's need for developments and tailor a toolchain modular enough to accommodate most people's use cases and habits.
Sure there are a few grumpy coders who will stay persuaded that their current setup is the best and won't even consider improved solution using whatever rationalization they can think of but at least newcomers and open minded people should see value in benefiting from one another's efforts instead of reinventing the wheel.

So here are my questions:
When developing on the Amiga, which toolchain do you use?
What is the process you follow for your iterations?
What parts are you willing/desiring to outsource?
Which tools do you wish existed which would make you faster when coding?
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