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Just reading an interesting page that I found about the wintab api.

Looks like the 65280, shown in the Amiga tool, is indeed correct.
From what I undersand (and thats not much) the wintab api gives us exactly 256 pressure values from an array where the physical value is mapped to a 0-255 scale.
The array indices are stretched evenly over the input range...

So it doesnt matter what's the sensetivity of the pen, on the windows side?

On the Amiga side it would allways look like 0% = 0 and 100% = 65280 ?

Lets say the Amiga software checks for changes of that value and assumes a step for every change.
Now it gives a color value to that step and adds more color with each step.
Lets say a white line gets darker.

What if the software assumes the first 128 changes are all there is,
so the pen must have been pressed again. So it only gets to ~32000 wich should be ~128 steps.

What would happen if the software reaches an internal limit of 128 steps(or less) and there is more input.
Would that explain why the brush stops drawing in the middle of the physical pressure range and start drawing again if I press harder?
Had this strange effect in both XiPaint and AE.
The curve settings in windows are only hiding the problem in the upper range.

It is really as if there are to ranges of pressure and that darn initial mouselick. ;-)
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