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I saw this thread, and I'm also a (soon to be) new Amiga user so I decided to register, introduce myself and follow this thread for some beginners info. :-)

My first computer was a ZX spectrum. After that we got a PC. A friend of mine had an Amiga. I think it was the 500. I was really jealous of all the pretty colors and sounds.

A few weeks ago I came across a complete C64 set with floppy drive and joysticks and stuff. Nice computer! Looking around for stuff about the C64 I watched a video from Dan Wood about his A1200. Tried to suppress the urge to buy one myself... Unfortunately I failed..

So I bought my first Amiga a few days ago on eBay. It's an A1200 with kickstart 3.1 and a 32GB CF card. There's also a mouse and RGB to scart included. Can't wait for it to arrive! In the meanwhile I've been training my Amiga skills with FS-UAE.

The reason I bought it is I really like playing old DOS games. I discovered most of the Amiga versions are better versions of those great old DOS games I like so much. I also like platform games a lot and there seem to be quite a lot of good platform games for the Amiga.

It's also nice to be able to finally afford an Amiga! Now I can finally brag about owning one!
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