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Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
It is. It's a complete waste of effort because you are programming either solely for yourself, or for such a small and declining market that it might as well be for yourself. Until someone makes an FPGA SuperCPU clone for the 64 and 128, programming for it mental masturbation.
That's fine. Cranking out a LOAD"*",8,1 is normal and healthy.
But let's not pretend it's anything a community can enjoy.
If there only a few thousand Amigans, I bet there are less than 100 SuperCPU users.
I think writing software for yourself is on of the most rewarding things you can do as a programmer. Hardly a waste of effort.

Porting crap unix software to an even worse closed source dead operating system just because someone made an awesome hardware emulator seems like more of a waste of effort to me.
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