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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
[about Python]Why do you say that it's lost a lot of its popularity? I thought there would've been a bit of an upturn in the last few years - at least amongst hobbyists - given the popularity of the Raspberry Pi. Haven't noticed too much of a drop-off in use for scripting purposes either TBH because, as you say, it's quite a nice language.
It is a very subjective impression of mine (hence the IMO) which might not have much basis in reality. I used Python a lot and liked it from 2007 to 2012 but I always felt that v3 would cause a dip in the popularity of the language because of the necessity to re-code a lot of legacy Python code. Also, I am under the impression that Python also serves as some kind of a gateway introduction to even higher level languages such as Scala, Haskell and the likes and eventually, many Python adept will end up using these more powerful alternatives instead.

But as I said, this very well could be wishful thinking.

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Slow as hell on 68K? Probably for V3.x, but how many apps suited to the Amiga would actually require V3.x as opposed to V2.x? I ask this as early Ami versions (V1.4-2.0) required 020/030 (see Aminet), so I'm guessing 040/060 would be adequate for V2.7. As you said, it might be all academic as apps suited to the Amiga may not have all that much Python code anyway.
I meant 68000, since my target are the stock OCS/ECS models.
You are right that there probably aren't many Python apps on the Amiga and it is a bit of a shame that the language is not used more for scripting since it is so versatile and has such a rich library. I never managed to get interested by Arexx even though I tried at least two times but Python would be really great for quick prototypes and glueing code.
Ideally though I'd wish Haskell was available on the Amiga since it can produce really good low level code but we would need a 68k backend for LLVM and it is not there yet.

Which makes me think! -> this is what we need! A group effort to finish the 68k backend of LLVM.
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