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All these points about the Amiga being a "dead" platform are why my wish list are all OpenSource tools with a cross development history. We're not getting Amiga specific development anymore, but if we can benefit from some of FOSS community developments at least that is something.

With the Vampire FPGA not only might there be the necessary speed at a NON-ridiculous price for performance level, but the very nature of the board allows for upgrades to adapt the processor, graphics... if the 500's are going the way I hope with some kind of USB I/O in the redesign, we talking about a pretty serious game changer. An end to the decline of the platform.

Even better, the OpenSource tools will actually benefit from the Amiga hardcore developers figuring out how to solve the problems of providing the features without the code bloat that the FOSS tools might have from the platforms they were originally developed for. Development from Amiga can trickle back UP the OpenSource code base making those apps more portable. This helps THEM get other resource restricted platforms like cell phones and tablets.
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