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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
How does it compare to ArtEffect, Photogenics 5 or FXPaint?
Off-hand, GIMP probably is most comparable to Art Effect/FX Paint - simple yet effective and elegant tools IMHO. I use GIMP a lot as a lightweight tool for image processing and touching up of material for HOL (see, for example, boxscans for Der Clou!).

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
This said, I see no reason for the Vampire market to work better than the 060/PPC one in the long term. Good software emerges naturally when the user base is large enough and for productivity software I doubt it will ever be large enough. As usual, ports of games will arrive but I am not so sure that they will have anything Amiga specific to show. Will we see original Vampire games relatively as impressive as SOTB was (graphically, I mean) or will there be only ports of existing stuff?
I'd be surprised too if the Vampire market worked any better than the Cyberstorm/Blizzard PPC market. At least the PPC market in 1996/97 had a few commerical players still in the mix for software development. Moreover, and this is nearly always missed on Amiga forums these days, they still had a relatively large pool of young, enthusiastic university students / coders - particularly from poorer European nations - in the Amiga ranks (e.g. Sam Jordan, Steffen Häuser, Ablaze Entertainment, Hurricane Studios). At the time, they were perhaps a bit naive or masochistic in thinking that they could make a few bucks in the diminishing Amiga market, to support themselves while studying or breaking into the IT job market.

Times have changed and anyone in that situation now is looking to code the next big app for Android or iOS. Just about all the decent Amiga coders left are older and have real lives/responsibilities to attend to and pay for, not to mention don't believe that there is any 2nd, 3rd or 4th coming of the Amiga (Vampire, NG or otherwise)!!! Consequently, most software that will appear for the Vampire - assuming it establishes some sort of user base over time - will follow the status quo IMHO and consist of ports of existing software, predominantly open source as too few end-users will be willing to pay for licensed products.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
There is a fundamental divide in the entire Retro community. A Luddite movement who thinks anything but a 1.3 KS with a floppy drive is kind of sin, and those of us who want a neo-nostalgia.
Overly-simplistic and too black & white (things the Ami retro community has never ever been coz they just can't help being 50 shades of grey!), especially if you've spent any length of time here on EAB.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
The fact is, the only way worth doing anything NEW for the Amiga, is the Neo-nostalgia path. Otherwise development is too much of a wasted effort for too much of Niche Market.
Complete and utter nonsense. That's akin to saying that developing for anything but SuperCPU set-ups or equivalent on the C64/128 is just a lot of wasted effort!

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I read a lot of people dreaming about small and efficient programs of the old days but you cannot really compare the feature list of DPaint and Photoshop, the latter offers literally thousand times more features than the former so of course it is going to be bigger.
Apples and oranges really for a host of reasons, the most notable of which is that the x86 architecture is very much alive and well and, seemingly, always in next gen development, while R&D of the 68K series in the 1990s was more uncertain and expensive. The upshot of that is that Adobe has little incentive to reduce the bloat of Photoshop when adding features (whether they're useful or not), as they know that PC users can cheaply upgrade to a faster system and that Intel/Nvidia will cover their arses in the longer term.

In contrast, coders like Paul Nolan (of Photogenics fame) had little choice but to optimise his code as the more features he added to Photogenics, the smaller the Amiga market would be that had the specs to run his product (as obviously far fewer Ami users could afford to upgrade given the expense of 68K accelerators/gfx cards in the 90s). Believe me, there is a big difference in the list of features between early releases of Photogenics (v1.x-3.x) and the last major release V5.x, but not nearly as much of a divide in bloat and required/recommended specs (cf. early and later versions of Photoshop). IIRC Paul Nolan did such a good job that just about all versions of Photogenics ran in as little as 2MB ram (under KS 3.x), and he actually reduced memory requirements by ~1MB when he released the V4.x update.

I am not sure why we should regret that the movement continued after the Amiga? There are no reasons to think that programs would not have grown in size on that platform as well.
See above, but yeh more likely than not......assuming the Amiga would've migrated properly to more powerful architecture like x86, PPC or ARM in the 90s and then travelled along a path parallel to Windows/MacOS with AmigaOS.

Python has lost a lot of its popularity IMO, it is a nice language but on the Amiga it is going to be slow as hell, especially on 68k.
Why do you say that it's lost a lot of its popularity? I thought there would've been a bit of an upturn in the last few years - at least amongst hobbyists - given the popularity of the Raspberry Pi. Haven't noticed too much of a drop-off in use for scripting purposes either TBH because, as you say, it's quite a nice language.

Slow as hell on 68K? Probably for V3.x, but how many apps suited to the Amiga would actually require V3.x as opposed to V2.x? I ask this as early Ami versions (V1.4-2.0) required 020/030 (see Aminet), so I'm guessing 040/060 would be adequate for V2.7. As you said, it might be all academic as apps suited to the Amiga may not have all that much Python code anyway.

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