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W..w..wait a moment!

I thought I was adding the CF card that's already been created (and installed in the Amiga)?

What I've been doing is;

1) I take the physical card out of the amiga and put it into my card reader (compact flash).

2) Using the above image you posted, direct the 'open prompt' to that CF card (J: as it appears in 'my computer').

3) error states it cannot read card.

If I manually use explorer to view the contents, Windows offers to format it (obviously I don't). Linux does similar.

Where are you pointed at? And how does it relate to my CF card when Windows seem incapable of reading the physical CF card?

You seem to directing the 'open prompt' to somewhere completely different to what I thought I was meant to be doing... Perhaps I should have gave mention that I meant the CF card was already partitioned & installed with WB3.1 for my physical Amiga 1200.

I was hoping to be able to drop files on my CF card from the PC (using AF if necessary) and then put the CF card back into my physical A1200 and use the files I'd just put on the card.

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