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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
That's REALLY not true. Many programmers aren't artists, and couldn't draw their way out of a wet paper bag. I wish I could do reasonable game art, but I just can't, and many coders with me.
These two sentences can be true at the same time:
- Many coders can't draw their way out of a wet paper bag.
- Many coders can draw SOTB/Lotus in-game graphics.

Most coders can't draw to save their lives but many can.
Even if the fraction of graphic-able coders is just 1/10th of the total that is still many kittens.

This said, like every other skill out there, if you train you will get better. You have a brain and neurons, you just need to make the effort needed to create the appropriate neural connections.

This is coder art btw: .
Pretty good IMO.
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