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Emula For AROS

EMULA: universal Multi-Emulator Frontend (AROS/Win/Linux)

After you have unpacked the archive execute EmuLa and hit the [UPDATE] button because a new build is available as well as updated emulators & roms databases.

Emula v2.0: Download

VERSION 36 (v2.0), 14-Jun-2018 16:50:51
FIX : Fixed a regression introduced with v2.0, images on console-mode are visible again.
FIX : Fixed possible crashes if square brackets are inside ROM description.
NEW : GameArt downloads have been removed due a copyright problem.
NEW : During an update all infofiles will not be overwritten anymore.
NEW : Minor changes in the current theme.
NEW : You can drop any ROM into the EmuLa main window, if the ROM is recognized it
will be executed immediately otherwise arequester will ask you to select which emulator
you want to use to run the dropped ROM. This feature DOES NOT NEED a scan in order
to work! You could use EmuLa only using this feature to run your favorite ROMs!
NEW : Added a progress bar while, in console mode, EmuLa is building the ROMs interface.
That's because if there are lot of ROMs (3/4k) it may take some seconds especially when
accessing them for the first time, and it may appear locked.

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

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