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Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
There is zero chance the Amiga software market will ever be "commercial" again. That is in the sense that you could recover the cost of developing something significant.
It depends on what one's costs are.

Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
Tanks Fury on aminet has around 500 downloads per version. If 100% of those were sales and you made $10 pure profit on each download it would be $5000, split between a programmer, artist, musician etc. In reality I would guess that Tanks Fury would have struggled to reach $1000 in sales. I would say they released the physical version for the love, not the money.
Then again, one has to take into account that 1) it is a fairly simple game and 2) it requires a 020 to run, so it will not be as attractive as if, say, Lotus II was released for the first time today. Also, whether Aminet downloads are fully representative can be debated.

Also 5000$ would be a reasonable sum for a one person operation if they can spend say around one month for it. This would start to approach actual game industry wages. Even spread over two months it would still retain some attractiveness. (Clearly expenses, taxes, etc, must be subtracted as well, we are conveniently omitting them now.)

It might be difficult but I do not think it is as impossible as most think.
It is certainly more realistic than to think people will suddenly start developing productivity software.
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