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Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
I think this sums up the situation perfectly. The Amiga is not only irrelevant, it's a dead platform. It's a curiosity for a tiny number of hobbyists.

That doesn't mean that we can't have fun with our hobby.
We sure as hell should!
Moreover, the more fun we have, the more non-Amiga kittens we can attract to the platform so they can take the relay when we are all dead and buried.

Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
Please correct me if I am wrong, but almost no-one is actually releasing any new Amiga software for any configuration. A small number of people talk about writing software. A handful of people seem to be writing software, and a very small subset actually release new stuff. That's the definition of a dead platform.
Well, you can put me in the "only verbally active" category so far but once I get up to speed I should be able to release stuff with some regularity. Hopefully this should inspire others to continue (as the current wave did inspire me).
But as I keep repeating, a commercial market would help to seed more developments as this allows developers to take a bit of time off work to spend on their passion.
And in this perspective I am curious to hear about how Tales of Gorluth and Tank Fury are faring.

Originally Posted by alpine9000;1100142I
haven't seen anyone even talking about writing vampire specific stuff, but I might be missing something ?
I would think that there will be some software released once enough boards have reached actual humans but for now the supply chain seems to have a fairly low output so this will probably take some time.

This said, I see no reason for the Vampire market to work better than the 060/PPC one in the long term. Good software emerges naturally when the user base is large enough and for productivity software I doubt it will ever be large enough. As usual, ports of games will arrive but I am not so sure that they will have anything Amiga specific to show. Will we see original Vampire games relatively as impressive as SOTB was (graphically, I mean) or will there be only ports of existing stuff?

Anyway this is just my impression and I am no oracle so wait and see and I wish them happiness anyway.
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