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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Thanks again. I have A1200 with ACA-1232, 68030 (with MMU) @ 33Mhz and 128mb fast ram (more details in my sig).
at least there is enough memory, even if it wont exactly be fast with wanderer. my recommendation is to include setpatch at the beginning of the s-s, and comment out the whole decoration section. of course it needs to be done with an amiga or linux editor. furthermore i would then use screenmode to set hires lace with only few colors for workbench to conserve chipram and speed. you may well need that resolution with aros. it wont hurt so much even with 1081, but if you have a lcd tv or scandoubler the flicker will not cause any problems.

also you can load peter k's icon library with loadmodule at the beginning of s-s instead of the genuine aros rom one. it makes the things look slightly different but may gain some speed.

if you decide to look at contribs, you may also check out scalos as desktop, even though id disable all the textures, skins and backdrops it brings as default. also you can check out dopus magellan as option.
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