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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
AmigaForever only uses .hdf or .hdz files. You would need to attach the card to the PC and run WinUAE. Navigate to CD & HardDrives panel and choose Add Hard drive....
Next add your CF card from the drop down menu and then click on Create hard disk image file.

Run AmigaForever and create a new RP9, attach your .hdf to the RP9 file as external or embedded and save as..
Thanks for the response.. Now I'm no luddite and consider myself more than adequately capable for most tasks, will this process alter the information on my current 8GB setup?

When I put it in my card-reader neither Windoze nor Linux recognise it at all - but you're saying WinUAE will see it and work with it?

I'll have to reinstall it on my main PC as it's currently running on my laptop with no card-reader.

Is .hdf the 8gb CF card/virtual hard-drive?
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