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Before someone reads all my thougts just go to my last post. I think thats more than enough information...

All I can tell you is that the maximum range XiPaint prefs supports are -9999 to 30000.
Anything below or above will reset to the last valid value entered last time.

I was testing different values and I found that it works best(so far,still testing) with:
min: -9999
th: -9998
max: -1

With these values it behaves realy good but now the lower 20% of the pen pressure dont work.
Wich means it makes a fat white dot once I set it on the tablet but does not draw if i move it(mouse click?). Now when I press harder it slowly starts drawing more and more. As expected.

EDIT: the fat dot also appears when you release the pen tip from the surface.That must be the lmb. it's the exact same pressure I have to use to see the klick event in that tiny API tool. So it draws a dot on every klick and release message. but respects the pressure in between those two events.
And about the values for xi-paint if I set the threshold closer to zero the range for the pressure gets smaller.
If i set maximum to a positive value it starts behaving strange again. Default was something like -126,1,26345.

At least some progress. But why do I have to tweak it to negative values?


I used the windows config to configure the pressure send from the driver to the app.
The result looks even better than with the tweaked XiPaint prefs alone. It feels more linear now on the Amiga side. Or the range to controll it is/feels bigger.

EDIT 3: Toni how are the values from the pen translated by the emulation?
Is it possible that there are just too many steps for the pressure.

Because if I press really hard(80%+) the brush gets dark after it got from 0-100% brightnes correctly and starts over again getting brighter. There is a small gap in between the two ranges.

Didn't realize it at first because I normaly don't have to press it that hard and was too fast on the last 20%.
But you can even see it in the sreenshot if you look closely. Thats for sure not a variance in the pressure of my hand.

Another thing is if I set the pen to 1024 steps instead of the 2048 it can do, it works better and the pressure doesn't feel as jerky/hard to controll.

Maybe you could convert whatever input value windows gives to 512 or 256 pressure steps on the Amiga side. Or transmit only every 2nd or 4th change, like frameskip.
Simply divide whatever the driver sends by 2 or 4. I doubt that hardware from the 90s came up with over 2000 different values. Maybe the old programms work internaly only with 3 digits and thats why XiPaint clips and starts over again(like an overflow). AE does a similar thing if I select pressure for the color density plus the too big brush compared to the brush size set. But that may be a bug. AE is full of them.
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