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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post

Thanks. I can probably softkick using the 'acatune -maprom <romfile>' command for the accelerator, never tried though.

Are these the nightly builds you refer to?
aha, i think it should be possible for an aca to handle a rom image of 1mb, however i dont know what format should be chosen, aros.elf or aros.hunk. (gz). i guess toni has done it, he might share with us how to proceed.

the location you pointed to is correct. you can softkick aros and use the content of boot iso (as is) copied to your mass storage partition. later on you can copy the content of contributions over your aros partition to check them out. tell me how far you get. ill be happy to be of assistance.

out of curiosity, what aca model, what cpu do you have? im not familiar with those. it would be good to have more than 8mb fast.

edit: bare in mind that aros doesnt boot in an instant as usual for the genuine kickstart. a1200 should work dependable, as i said. just wait a little, depending on your cpu speed. in case of problems serial debug can be caught. to speed up the native display decoration can be disabled and so on. but thats further matter,

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