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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Most programs out there are still written in C++ and I doubt anyone reasonable would call this a high level language. Python, Ruby, Lisp, Haskell, ML are high level languages but they represent a minuscule fraction of the bloated programs you mention (10% at most and I'm probably too generous by an order of magnitude).
Bloat has nothing to do with high level, it also has to do with complexity and feature set.
I read a lot of people dreaming about small and efficient programs of the old days but you cannot really compare the feature list of DPaint and Photoshop, the latter offers literally thousand times more features than the former so of course it is going to be bigger.
I think you forgot Java on the Android platform, which is the biggest out there in total number of users and applications.

Technically, when I think of bloat it is the number of instructions (bytes) of code the CPU (or GPU) has to process in order to execute the software, this includes any libraries used. If the only reason your code works OK without optimization is because Moore's law has been beneficial during the past decades by producing sufficient hardware, then this means your code efficiency has decreased by the same factor.
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