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Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
's There is a fundamental divide in the entire Retro community. A Luddite movement who thinks anything but a 1.3 KS with a floppy drive is kind of sin, and those of us who want a neo-nostalgia.
The problem is when people from one side of the fence call others Luddite as if they had access to an objective truth about what the proper use of an Amiga should be.

I have no interest for neo-nostalgia, I am interested in getting the most out of a fixed system which in his time was ingenious and powerful. That seems like a hobby as valid as getting the most out of a hike in the mountains, or out of whatever enjoyable activity you prefer.

The software I need serves this purpose. I do not need new software to make the Amiga relevant. The Amiga will never be relevant again unless it changes hands and gets a massive overhaul that most of the community will disapprove of because it will then resemble a PC/Mac anyway.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
The fact is, the only way worth doing anything NEW for the Amiga, is the Neo-nostalgia path. Otherwise development is too much of a wasted effort for too much of Niche Market.
The fact is that this is an opinion and not a fact.

Also, mathematically this will always be false: there cannot be a bigger market than the stock models by definition. All other derivatives have necessarily less units. This is not to say that they are not valuable but just a reminder of a mathematical reality.

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