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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Obviously you haven't played the arcade version very much. I've spent hundreds of hours on both versions, and I can tell you that the arcade is a far better game in all aspects. That is not opinion, that is fact.
And in your haste to prove me wrong you missed the part where I said that t could be said the Amiga version is a different game.
There is no such thing as an objective fact when it comes to game review, taste is subjective by definition, you prefer the arcade, I prefer the Amiga version even if it is inferior in many ways. I am not sure why any of us would want to state as a fact that one version is objectively better.

Also, this is an early port and in this regard it is of high quality compared to the crap US Gold () produced. Could have been better and more faithful? Yes. But it is not bad and compared to most ports which came before it and quite a few which came after it is quite good.
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