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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
If changing ppc_model really fixes the slowdown, it must be something in QEMU side (UAE does not care about ppc_model, it just passes it to QEMU).
If you override the ppc_model in a Blizzard setup to 604 then drawing operations are obviously and significantly better. Things like drawing UI widgets in a window or dragging around windows with contents drawn that overlap each other. On a BPPC install with OS41, I have seen that statement first hand. It is absolutely true. Now, with the BPPC core overrode to a 604 then if you try to use Smart File System then the hard drives will never show up. Probably because there is some small difference that causes that driver to crash in early startup. The Fast File System driver however doesn't crash/not work and therefore anyone can test a BPPC setup with a 604 ppc override.

So, really there are two possible routes to go to try to fix up BPPC: either improve the 603 core so the graphical updating is better, OR fix the 604 core so that Smart File System doesn't crash/not work in it with a BPPC base.

Any suggestions, obviously including at the very least being an enthusiastic beta tester, are most welcome.

Also, Smart File System works fine with the 604 core in a Cyberstorm system so it's something to do with the BPPC with a 604 override and SFS not likely each other much.
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