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I think that was for an older version of AE. There are also drivers for the metioned tablet from H&P for the tableau. But the Wacom driver from Roland Schwingel does the same as Tonis emulation. It gives intuition information about the position and pressure. AE4 supports that system friendly way. XiPaint4 also supports it.
I mean last time I checked it, it worked (sort of) with the R. Schwingel driver selected in AE4.
But I still think the values that WinUAE translates from real tablet to emulated tablet interface are off scale. Thats why both programs act strange if you enable pressure support. It's as if the whole range is quenched into the first 5-10% of the tips total(physical) pressure range.
once you go over that dit stops drawing(xipaint) or acts strange(AE4).

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Do you mean workbench or arteffect only?
I want do disable the leftklick for the pen if possible. Everywhere!
From what I see in the Wacom1.5 driver it was an option to do that.

It seems if i set the pen on the virtual paper the simulated mousclick makes the brush as big as if you press the pentip fully in.
Everytime you set the brush on the paper. So every first tip is full size brush no matter how soft the pressure is. As I wrote at least in AE4 it works sort of.

EDIT: I disabled all pen buttons for WinUAE in the wacom tool under windows.Just in case.Same effect. Exept I cant use the pen in the WinUAE config window anymore.

Forget about the jumping mouse so far. If I move it to the upper left it works.
Most important for me is pressure.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Tablet emulation replaces mouse but this API probably is not used by most (old) drivers because it was only implemented in v39. Intuition internally converts them to mouse movements automatically.

Probably best solution is to emulate the serial tablet protocol assuming this was the most common way many programs worked. (instead of using AOS supported method because it was implemented too late and there was no (?) drivers that used it)
That would mean it could work in TV Paint. That would be soooo awesome.

But the way it is now seems to work with AE and XiPaint.
At least there are some effects if you enable pressure.
I still think it maybe a good idea to add the slider or somthing like that to tell winuae how to translate the 2048 steps from my pen to my Workbench.

The XiPaint manual claims there is no way that intuition can tell the software details about the real range of the pen and thats why you have to define a minimum, a maximum and a threshold.

So just in case there is no way to do so like in AE and it expects some values fom random real HW wouldnt it be a good idea if we(the user) had a way to experiment with different values?

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